Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ben-Hur (MGM 1959)

Whenever I see this movie on TV and it's not in widescreen, folks it's just not worth watching. Go out and rent the widescreen version if you've never seen it before!

This film really depicts how oppressive government can be, and Charlton Heston's character Judah Ben-Hur catches a heavy dose almost from the word GO! The Romans take his fortune, imprision his mother and sister, make him march through a dessert, put him on a slave ship and chain him to the oar! But hey, don't worry too much about mom and sis. The Romans graciously let them go because now the two are leppers. NICE! Oh yah, I almost forgot! This is all being done by Ben-Hur's ex-best friend Messalah (Stephen Boyd) who is a newly appointed Roman goon.

The only hope for Ben-Hur and his family rests with a mysterious rabbi whose fate (and ours) is determined at the film's dramatic conclusion.

Here is the trailer from the film.


Always On Watch said...

Ben-Hur on the small screen is nowhere near the experience as on the big screen.

Back when I was in college, one of the local theaters had a special screening of the film. I went with several of my friends.

Have you ever read the book? It's quite something. The author became a Christian when he was researching and writing the book.

EDGE said...

I enjoy your blog and thanks for the visit!

I would love to see this film in the theatre. It probably would do pretty well re-released.

Very interesting about the author, too!