Sunday, August 5, 2007

Superman (Warner Bros. 1978)

Superman is one of those great conservative stories that if you give the Hollywood libs and Democrats long enough they'll ruin it forever.


After watching the film Superman (and I going to assume that most people have either seen the film or at least know the comic book story) isn't it strange that his parents who were living on this doomed planet "Krypton" with all of its technological space advancements chose the evil, blood-thirsty, decrepit, Jesus-loving, money grubbing country the United States for their son to be brought up in? Now come on! They could have landed him anywhere!

And in Kansas? KANSAS? A RED STATE? Why didn't they land him in Berkeley, California or Madison, Wisconsin? I can hear a lib now...Well, that's where all the trouble is in this country! No it's not! He needed to learn what was so damn great about his new country FIRST and why it was so important to defend!

We don't teach these things much anymore. As a matter of fact, there is a growing desire in this country to do the very opposite. If anyone has seen Superman Returns (see clip below) apparently even the greatest super hero in the world doesn't stand for "truth justice and the American way" anymore.

Someone might say, Well isn't Superman an illegal alien? Look man, any guy who can fly around and put the roof of the White House back on after beating the crap out of Zod and his evil henchmen gets my vote for citizenship. When these border-jumpers can do that with Al-Qadea I'll buy them all a Dos Equis or Corona or whatever the heck their drinking.

My advice, stay way from Superman Returns (2006) and check out the original 1978 Superman and Superman II (1980).

My sister still loves the part where he smiles at the end.


Brooke said...

The new movie just can't hold a candle to the original Superman movie!

My husband and I almost swallowed our teeth when Supes downed a beer and said "all that stuff."

And then there's the whole illegitimate kid thing... GADS!

EDGE said...

I read an article where the writers of "Superman Returns" didn't want to make him such a "boy scout." They succeeded.

Michael said...

"Superman" was a great movie, and just plain fun. Very camp, very cheesy, and absolutely no apologies.

Brooke, I saw a funny article one about whether or not Superman could even have sex with a human. When I find it, I'll send it along to you. Or even post it. It was funny...

Brooke said...

Heh. You bring up an interesting point, Michael! :O

EDGE said...

Here is a site that a friend forwarded me...kind of funny.

Brooke said...

Great! That site will keep me busy for the rest of the day! LOL!