Sunday, March 22, 2009

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Warner Bros. 1991)

One of the greatest misconceptions about the story of Robin Hood is that "he stole from the rich and gave to the poor!" Well, that's only partly true...especially when you consider why the people were poor.


Therefore, Robin Hood was a great conservative story, and also a pretty good movie starring Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

After being captured by Turks during the Crusades, Robin of Locksley and a Moor, Azeem, escape back to England where Azeem vows to remain until he repays Robin for saving his life. Meanwhile, Robin's father has been murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham and when Robin returns home he vows to avenge his father's death. Even though Marian, his childhood friend, cannot help him, he escapes to the Forest of Sherwood where he joins a band of exiled villagers and becomes their leader. With their help he attempts to cleanse the land of the evil that the Sheriff has spread.

Here is the trailer...


Brooke said...

One of my faves, despite the slight cheesiness.

Great pic.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah good one!..where ya been dude?

Cappy said...

How does it compare to Robin Hood: Men in Tights?

Gayle said...

So it would be more accurate to say that Robinhood stole from the government and gave to the poor.

Way to go. When do we start? ;)

nanc said...

i just cannot watch kevin costner read his lines off cue cards.