Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taken (20th Century Fox 2009)

Well, I finally dragged my butt out to the theater to see Taken this weekend starring Liam Neeson. Let me tell you folks, it didn't disappoint! I'm not exactly sure how long this film will be in theaters, so you may want to hustle and get out there. Honestly, it's not a movie you need to see on the big screen, but it didn't hurt either.

The trailer below pretty much tells you the story, but what I liked about the film was that the hero does not compromise with the bad guys.

No negotiations.

No ransoms.

No BS.

Just give me back my daughter and everything will be cool. But if you don't...

...bad things man. Bad things.

Neeson's character does things to people in this movie that make Abu Ghraib look like Disney World. And you know what...the bad guys deserved it.

Every damn bit.

Here is the trailer...


Gayle said...

Thanks, Edge. I'll be renting it from Netflix when it comes out on DVD.

Sorry for not being around for so long. I'm swamped right now and haven't been blogging or visiting as much. It's the planting season, so I haven't even had time to watch movies. I've got a video up though, that I think you'll get a kick out of. :)

Brooke said...


Wasn't there a similar movie with Mel Gibson? He used the ransom amount to hire people to get his kid back instead of giving it to the kidnapper?

nanc said...

have to put it in the queue!

we watched "smokey and the bandit" this past weekend - my first time!

RightKlik said...

Great blog...keep it up!

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo thanks for the tip buddy..missed ya and your recommendations dude!:)

Papa Frank said...

I caught this one in the theater and couldn't agree more with your assessment here.

Subvet said...

On my way to Netflix now.

ASM826 said...

Liam Neeson's wife hit her head at a skiing lesson, and is in critical condition. No big fall, just a bump. but an hour later she was transported and is not expected to survive.

Salubrina said...

hey edge. love liam neeson.

so sad about his wife. did you see him in the movie 'love, actually'? life imitating art - he plays a widower, raising a son on his own.

such a shame.

hope all is well in your neck of the 'net.

Gayle said...

Where be you?

EDGE said...


I'm still here! Don't worry!


Cool! Yep, Mel and Gary Sinise were in that one!


Smokey and the Bandit...have to keep that one in mind!


Thanks for the visit!


Good to be missed!

Papa Frank,

Glad you enjoyed it!


Taken should be available on DVD in the summer.


I heard about that. Tough break.


Never saw that one. Have to keep it in mind!

Pinky said...

Does he get her back???

I have to know!


Pinky said...

Edge, here's a recommendation:

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

It's the true story of Jeanne-Dominique Bauby. Incredible story of the sanctity of life. He was a strong man. (I like it from a physical therapist's point of view.)

I think you'll like it.

dft said...

One man goes on a spree of abuse (richly deserved) to save one girl - his daughter - and you have to be literally sadistic to not wish you could do the same. But if you pour water on a killers head in an act that may save a thousand daughters, then you are a bad person.

Brooke said...

What the Hell is that supposed to mean?!?

I can't wait to see this... Just waiting on Netflix.