Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Defiance (The Bedford Falls Company 2008)

Can't wait, folks. Can't wait.


Gayle said...

They put out American Carol and now Defiance. Is Hollyweird finally starting to actually get it? Well, whether they are or not, this is great, and I also am looking forward to this movie.

Thanks, Edge!

EDGE said...


Hopefully they're turning things around in Hollywoodland!

Brooke said...

Wow! I don't get out to the theatre often, so I've saved this one in the queue!

EDGE said...


I want to see this one in the theater!

Ted said...

I don't understand the Studios. You could start one (let's call it Flyover Studios, based in Nashville), and make crowd pleasers that would pull in huge crowds. Just make the movies that Hollywood won't.

Like "House to House."

Papa Frank said...

I hadn't even heard of it yet. Thanks Edge!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks dude!..made sure u were on my blogroll ha..and ty for the comments at WHT! heh :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that gave me chills.
I can't wait.
I love having good movies to look forward to!

Yes, this one's for the theater. I'm even sneaking in some Junior Mints.

Salubrina said...

edge -

i'm with ya. this is movie i will go out and see.

i love daniel craig - he's a great actor. looks like he completed another wonderful performance in this film.

thanks for the preview. :-)

kevin said...

It wouldn't play for me, even when I went to youtube. :(

kevin said...

OK, today it works for me.
It looks great, another Schindler's List.

Z said...

any film by anything with BEDFORD FALLS in its name will be something I'll be interested that. I'm going to see this in a theater, too...can't wait.

That one guy looks a little like Steve mcQueen, doesn't he!? weird.

I wish people knew the courage people showed during WWII...there are even huge books which, page by page, list names of German resistance fighters and we never hear of them. It's not only a shame, it's a disservice.

Thanks, edge...xx

Cappy said...

I can't wait to see this one.