Monday, December 8, 2008

The Dark Knight (Warner Bros. 2008)

Why do we do it? I guess we've all done it, right?

We sometimes...not always... look down on those who make our lives easier. The policeman. The soldier. The sailor. The Marine. We make fun of them. We put ourselves on a pedestal and look down our noses. We don't mean to do it, we just do...because it gives a good laugh at a party...or something.

The bottom line is this. Most people (not all) hate others who rid them of their demons. On September 12th, 2001 everyone was on the same page. Everyone got behind our troops and our president, remember?

"Let's go get the bad guys! Let's rid the world of terrorism. We can do it!"

But then the war began, and people got a front row seat 24 hours a day 7 days of week. Suddenly, our troops were the bad guys and the terrorist were misunderstood. Now, my liberal friends have turned their eyes away from the miltary they once supported...don't believe me? Remember John Kerry's comments? People who join the military are suckers...according to Kerry. So I guess if we just leave them alone...if WE just change, we can bring hope to our enemies. Right.

What I find so humorous is how many libs actually love The Dark Knight! It tells the very same true story! Batman is Gotham's only hope to stop the Joker's terrorism, and what do the citizens demand? They demand Batman give into to the Joker's demands! Just admit you were wrong and the Joker will stop his evil ways and we will all get along.

Now, I'm not the first person who thinks The Dark Knight is a conservative flick. If you can't take my word for it, maybe you can take hers!

It's not a kid's movie, so make sure they're in bed when you guys rent it! Oh and guess what?! It's out on DVD this Tuesday!!

Oh, and if you love good music check out Edge's Movie Music
and scroll to the bottom for a few tunes from the movie!
You're gonna love it! If you saw the Batman Begins you'll love this one!

Here is the trailer!


Donald Douglas said...

It is a conservative movie. The Wall Street Journal had a great piece on Dark Knight when it first came out.

Keep it up, Edge!

Z said...

Hi, Edge...nice to know its box office did so well, considering its message does sound Conservative!

GOOD news for a change..maybe it made a DENT? Ya think~!?

EDGE said...

Thanks Donald!

Hope you had a chance to see it!


Maybe it made a Dent...HA HA...I like it!

Debbie said...

Yes I think Dark Knight has Conservative undertones. We saw it at the theater and thought it was great.

John Kerry is a suck up who took video cameras to Viet Nam to take PR images of himself to use later when he ran for politics

Right Truth

Nikki said...

Thanks Edge, I appreciate the mention! I hope all is well with you...This is an awesome flick and my family plans on purchasing it for Christmas and we don't watch or buy very many movies...keep up the great work you are an asset to the blog world! :)N

EDGE said...


You're right again!


That gift should be a big hit at Christmas for sure!

Papa Frank said...

I've heard great things about this movie and can't wait to see it.

Elmers Brother said...

Just rented this and watched it tonight for the first time. I enjoyed it...but missed the conservative theme until I read about it here.

Thanks Edge.

Gayle said...

Thanks, Edge! So far I've enjoyed every movie that you've recommended. :)

kevin said...

I know it's a bat, but the movie poster sure looks like it has a flaming plane-shaped hole in a skyscraper to me.

EDGE said...

Papa Frank,

You'll love it!


Glad you saw it!


Glad to hear it!

Kevin,'d he do that?

Elmers Brother said...

perhaps the plane looking hole was a subliminal message as well

Brooke said...

Hubby and I saw this a few months back... Whenever we get back on our feet this is at the top of the list of luxury things to get!

The pencil trick is heavy!

Of course, this is a wonderful conservative movie!

EDGE said...


Might want to ask Santa or this one!


Fistful Of Donuts said...

Nice review. Found my way here from your comment at another blog, and I can't remember where that was ... but I saw that you reviewed The Dark Knight and I enjoyed reading what you wrote.

It seems pretty cut and dry to me. If Batman is the hero of this movie (and he is), and if his methods involve pre-emptive strikes, surveillance and force (and they do), then this just can't be anything OTHER than a pro GOP movie.

Smart liberals (yeah, I think such a thing exists) are bound to realize that. But I've read some really loony spinning on the net from libs who are desperate for some reason to argue that this film's message isn't what it clearly is. I don't understand that. I'm no liberal, but I can name a number of movies with liberal messages that I've enjoyed. But then again, I don't look to entertainment for political and/or social guidance. That's not what entertainment is for. Many liberals can't make that distinction, which, I suppose, is why so many of them genuinely care what people like Dave Matthews have to say about politics. Leaves me scratching my head, though.

Again, nice web site.