Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rio Bravo (Warner Bros. 1959)

Watch Rio Bravo and then High Noon, and tell me what big story differences stand out to you the most. In one movie the town supports its sheriff of ridding the area of scumbags. The other town wusses out and expects the outgunned lawman to do all the work.

If I was doing a blog on liberal movies, High Noon would be up there in my top 5, which is a shame because I really like Gary Cooper. Rio Bravo on the other hand, which stars my hero John Wayne, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan is an instant classic conservative western. Wayne's character, John T. Chance, is the kind of guy who wants to do things on his own and usually refuses the help he's offered by his pals. Did I mention Martin's character is a drunk and Brennan is an old cripple?

In this scene Wayne tracks down the bad guy in a not so friendly saloon.

I guess it was a good thing for Coop Grace dropped the whole "I'm a afraid of guns" thing, huh?


Always On Watch said...

Rio Bravo--on of my favorite films! I grew up loving both John Wayne and Dean Martin. In fact, for our 35th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Steubenville, Ohio--Dean Martin's home town. That weekend the town was celebrating The Dean Martin Festival. Great fun!

EDGE said...

I'll have to pay a visit to Steubenville, Ohio when I make my trip to Winterset, Iowa to see the birthplace of John Wayne!

Elmer's Brother said...

Rio Bravo is one of my favorite Wayne films. My father was from Steubenville and Dean Martin was second only to God in our house.

I like your blog. I'm into movies as well.

EDGE said...

Thatnks fo the visit Elmer! I'm glad you enjoyed this post!