Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spider-Man (Columbia 2002)

What kind of superpower would you like to have? Some might say super strength or being able to fly. How would you use it? Stop terrorists? Border jumpers? Commies? Hillary? All of the above?

If most of us were completely honest, we would do the very thing the hero did in this tale. Use your new power to make money! But as the tag line for this film says..."With great power comes great responsibility..."

Again, here is the movie review from IMDB...

A rather odd thing has just occurred in the life of Peter Parker: after being bitten by a genetically modified spider, his body chemistry is altered muta-genically. He can now scale walls and ceilings, he has superhuman strength and super-fast reflexes, and he develops a precognitive sense that warns him of approaching danger.

Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter first uses his newfound powers to make money, but after his uncle is murdered at the hands of a criminal Peter failed to stop, he swears to use his powers to fight the evil that killed his uncle. At the same time, scientist and businessman Norman Osborn, after exposure to an experimental nerve gas, develops an alternate personality himself: the super-strong, psychotic Green Goblin!

Peter Parker must now juggle three things in his life: his new job at a local newspaper under a perpetually on-edge employer (who runs stories degrading Spider-Man's heroics), his battle against the evil Green Goblin, and his fight to win the affections of beautiful classmate Mary Jane Watson, against none other than his best friend Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn! Is this challenge too much for even the Amazing Spider-Man to handle?

Doing the right thing, making sacrifices, fighting the press and fighting evil...sounds like a guy I know...minus the red and blue tights of course.

Check out Spider-Man 2 & 3 also!

Here is an interesting trailer from Spider-Man that featured the World Trade Center. Of course after 9/11 this trailer and the scene were both pulled from the original cut.

Here is a scene from Spider-Man 3. Pretty cool!


nanc said...

i've not seen these movies although the kidz have them.

always like to watch "planes, trains and automobiles" this time of year for a good laugh and good cry.

we got "shrek 3" for our trip to the mountain next week - we dooooo love anything shrek - actually, anything donkey!

Brooke said...

We just watched SM3 two days ago! LOL!

We usually rent first, so this one is on the "to get" list.
One of the great things about SM is Peter is just a normal guy trying to get by.

Favorite scene:

Peter finishes his first skirmish with the Sandman, and while sitting on a rooftop removes his mask and boot, and shakes sand off of himself. He says, "Where do these guys COME from?"