Sunday, August 3, 2008

Zulu (Diamond Films 1964)

We're still out of the good ol' US of A again this week to review the 1964 British film Zulu starring Michael Caine (who currently plays Alfred in the new Batman Series)!

Here is the movie review from IMDb...

On the January 22nd 1879, the British Army suffered one of its worst defeats when Zulu forces massacred 1,500 of its troops at Isandlhwana. A short time after the main battle, a Zulu force numbering in excess of 4000 warriors advanced on a British hospital and supply dump guarded by 139 Welsh infantrymen.

Various military officials find that their small contingent has been isolated by the destruction of the main British Army column. Each has a different military background in tactics and they are immediatly in conflict on how to prepare for the attack. Nearly a third of the men are in the infirmary, as the company tries to somehow survive with no help in sight. Based on a true story.

4000 vs. 139? No way they can win this ...right?


I mean that's in the world do you get 139 fellas revved up to defend a small base against 4000 Zulu warriors?

Think of this film as the British version of The Alamo. There is so surrender, no peace talks, no "if we just leave them alone, they'll leave us alone" BS, just good ol' 'merican (oops, I mean British) raw courage, faith, and a whole helluva lotta luck! 'Cause folks, those Zulus are some tough dadgum folks and they brought everything they had against the Brits that fateful day!

My friends, Zulu is the Edge Conservative Movie of the Week! Check it out!

Here is the trailer for Zulu!

Scene from the film!


WomanHonorThyself said...

again...never heard o dis one..ty dude!

EDGE said...

No problem Angel! That's why I'm here!


Debbie said...

I remember seeing this movie on TV, I didn't remember that Michael Cane was in it. I thought it was a great movie, of course I was probably ignorant about politics at the time.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

EDGE said...

Hi Debbie,

A friend of mine recently recorded it off his DVR and told me I had to watch it! It's worth the watch again!

Brooke said...

Like Debbie, I remember it on TV on night. Good one!

Gayle said...

I never heard of this one either, Edge. Thanks! It's going on my NetFlix queue right now. :)

EDGE said...


I never heard of it until my friend told me about it. It might have been on TV before but I just clicked by! Good film and thanks for the post!


Yah, you need to see this one Gayle! Truly a remarkable story! I know you'd enjoy it!

BB-Idaho said...

Ah, nineteenth century colonial adventure. My favorite battle in the Zulu War was Roarke's Drift...
mainly cuz I can't prounounce
Isandlwana. :)

EDGE said...


LOL! Good! Glad I'm not the only one!

nanc said...

can one get it through netflix? we just recently joined, although i don't know why.

Nikki said...

Edge, first of all thank you so much for donating to my friends dog cause! That was soooo cool! And secondly, boy has Hollywood changed! Imagine cheering for the white guys and Michael Caine is a tough guy rather than the gay decorator type...this looks pretty interesting! thanks for the recommendation as usual. I love old movies! :)N

EDGE said...


Yes, Zulu is available on Netflix!


No prob with the donation! It seemed like a worthy cause! Check out this movie when have a chance! You'll enjoy it!

kevin said...

Ive seen it twice, the second times was just last week on tv. If you like action films with impossible odds this one easily fits the bill.

ASM826 said...

Good movie about the effective use of tactics, position, and disciplined use of rifles. Another winner.

Elmers Brother said...

Another great movie that I own. Edge you and I seem to have the same tastes in movies. Awesome!