Friday, August 1, 2008


Think this will make it to ECM? Nah.

Coming October 17th.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I"m sure Ollie Stone is totally objective...yeah, sure he is! ;-)

Don't think this one will be very flattering, myself.

GW Bush's legacy will probably be like Pres.Reagan's, proven by time and history.

Brooke said...

Total. Bravo. Sierra.

Despite not agreeing with W on everything, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

No doubt whatsoever that this will be a total bomb, just like every other leftist propaganda piece.

And I do mean piece.

EDGE said...


I hope this does bomb, and maybe this will hurt Obama some in the election. We can only hope I guess!


I don't know why Stone feels that he needs to make films like this (probably b/c he's a liberal a$$hole). "World Trade Center" was such a great movie and a very inspiring piece of work. This is only being made to take a dig at Bush...and more than likely bomb!

Brooke said...

It took me a long time to see WTC because I was SURE it would be another piece of America bashing trash.

I was pleasantly disappointed.

EDGE said...


Yah, I was too! It's hard to imagine that Stone made WTC. I mean seriously what was he thinking? Today I'm going to make a pro-American film? That's not his style at all! It would be like Michael Moore making a film criticizing Muslims!

I know that Stone is a Vietnam vet and I respect him for that greatly, but you would think a vet would support a President and a political party that supports its troops.

Gayle said...

ACK! It's going to be a smear job, there's no way around it. Sheesh!

Our people write books, but how many people actually read? We are in desperate need of a conservative film studio.

Cappy said...

Hooray for Hollywood! It keeps Brolin, Stone et. al. from taking jobs in real companies where they could get in the way.

Papa Frank said...

Since society in general has finally come to grips with the fact fact that Michael Moore is a big lying idiot that deliberately mangles truth Ollie decided he had better pick up the "good" work where Michael left off. It's funny how all of the "darlings" of the left fade into obscurity after while because they are void of substance. Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Jesse Jackson (who is fairly jobless right now), even Bill Clinton has been knocked down SEVERAL notches after his actions in the campaign for Hillary. Without substance you eventually just blow away.

Nikki said...

wow. I am going to have to miss this little piece of pornography...the actors have already gotten into bar room brawls and have proven themselves worse than the younger Bush they are portraying...rumor has it Scott the benedict McClellan was a huge contributor to the insider WH information...I am sure it is extremely accurate. dopes. :)N

EDGE said...

Wow Nikki,

McClellan's calling the shots with this flick, huh? Small wonder I guess! He's about a trustworthy as they come!


Always On Watch said...

I'm not a fan of Oliver Stone's work, though I have watched some of his films on cable or DVD.

Anyway, W will be coming out just in time for the election.

And young people tend to accept what's up on the big screen as FACT. That drives me crazy when I try to reason with many of my students.

Always On Watch said...

Addendum: World Trade Center was a good film, IMO. But about 15 minutes too long.

kevin said...

The thing that bothers me about this film is Bush is still in office. Major films about Presidents need a to be given a decade or for the proper perspective. Otherwise, it's just propaganda. As it stands now, one has to ask himself is Stone REALLY that interested in Bush's party days, or just the outcome of the '08 general election? If that same movie was made 20 years from now, it would be more likely stand on it's own merits.

But a movie about Bush is more likely to influence the far left than any fact. For people who think that our President would callously send us into war only to secure oil profits the fantasy world of Oliver Stone is perfect for them. A world where JFK wasn't murdered by a devout Communist because America's enemies are really are quite innocuous. Unlike Republicans, who are the real enemy.

EDGE said...


I know people who watch Comedy Central and take everything theysay like it's the gospel truth. Really goes to show you just how stupid really can be.


I hope Bush invites the entire cast over to the WH for a private screening. During the film Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Rice can just start beatin' the crap out of everybody.

It will never happen, but hey...I can dream.

Z said...

ONLY the far left'll see this, ONLY the far left'll buy into it (as if it's news to them, right?)

Just the trailer is so full of cheap shots and images it's breathtaking.

And if any Republican made a film like this, imagine what the NY Slimes would be saying? " this the kind of message Americans need...?"

this STONE does not ROCK.

EDGE said...


"this STONE does not ROCK."


Freedomnow said...

Just in time for the election. I wonder if they will issue a hardbound copy of the new Lancet Report with every ticket purchase.

EDGE said...


Wouldn't be surprised if they did! I saw this, thought you'd be intersted. Thanks for the post!

Z said...


Have you heard of a film being made about von Stauffenberg, one of the Germans who almost killed Hitler? It's called Valkyrie and stars Tom Cruise.

My husband reads the German press on line, and producers, etc are tight-lipped but the buzz is the movie's SO bad that they won't have it out in time for Oscar consideration!

There was a big flap about TOm Cruise starring in it because Scientology has SO screwed over many, many Germans (and makes it look like the Germans are at fault) and so the Germans aren't nuts for Mr. Scientology, Tom Cruise. AND, they weren't sure they wanted a hero being portrayed by Cruise, either.

Anyway, it's a STINKER...I found that interesting.

EDGE said...


No, I haven't heard of this film or the story it's based on.

Cruise is one of those actors IMO who is great at what he does, but his personal life just causes too many distractions. It's a shame b/c the guy's gotta lot of talent!

As far a Scientology goes...I can't really blame the Germans for being upset!

Thanks as always for you post!

nanc said...

you'd think "w" was running for a third term!

it'll probably be up for all sorts of narcissistic awards when the time comes.

two thumbs down from the nancster.

EDGE said...

You're right Nanc, it is like he's running again. I'm sure the NYT and Rolling Stone will just rave about how accurate this tale will be!

Z said...

edge...there's a conservative film coming out, we're hoping, on October 3. It's a comedy, FINALLY, poking fun at Libs...mostly anti-Hillary (it was started before she was out of the picture, but I'm not convinced totally that she IS out of the pic yet!) She's 'in' THIS picture, I assure you!!
I was just told I'd be going to the conservatives-only opening night at some theater near here and that should be fairly soon.

I asked friends of the producer if they could use you or me or any of our blog buddies in getting the word out....I hope you'll be up for it. VERY big names behind and IN this production. I'll let you know ASAP. I know very little at this point, not being coy. We just have to make sure people support it if we like it.

EDGE said...


Well, you got my interest going! Sure, if those guys need me or anybody else to promote their picture let me know and I will be happy to do it for them. You may give them this site address if you wish!

Thanks for the heads up and your post! I hope you have a great week!

cube said...

Life is too short to waste on Oliver Stone movies.

EDGE said...

I totally agree with ya' Cube, though WTC was pretty good I'll grant him that.