Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trouble Along the Way (Warner Bros. 1953)

Well, my depression state hit an all time new low this weekend watching my guys get their asses destroyed by another subpar team. The old guy who sits beside me at the stadium every year said it best, "We started off great but we knew there would be trouble along the way." And that's the story how Trouble Along the Way starring John Wayne and Donna Reed became the Edge Conservative Movie of the Week!

A lot of times I hear my friends with kids say I would do anything for my son or daughter. If that's true with you, then you should enjoy this week's movie!

You know, sometimes we ask a lot out of people. Sometimes we ask things or expect things that are almost impossible (no comments about ECU from the peanut gallery!). We ask our elected officials to fix our problems, and when they fall short...well...they're the biggest SOB's that ever lived...even if we voted for them.

Ex-football coach Steve Williams (Wayne) is going through a terrible divorce. He is seeking custody of his little girl, but with no job he has almost no hope of keeping her...or seeing her again.

Williams meets Father Burke (Coburn) who runs a small Catholic College in New York. The college is very poor and will be closing its doors unless it can bring in revenue in a hurry! Burke hires Williams to coach the football team, revitalize the program and bring interest back to the failing school, but the team is undermanned and has zero talent.

Oh and did I mention that Father Burke went over Williams head and constructed the most difficult football schedule ever for 1953? VS. Santa Clara? VS. Villanova? VS. Notre Dame?

If the school closes, the students will leave, Williams is out of the job and will lose his daughter. The only way for Williams to have instant success with these huge expectations is to start bending some recruiting rules...which he regrettably does.

Maybe it's a stretch that this movie is conservative, but I liked it. It's a good comedy/drama about a parent that would do anything to keep their kid...even if it means getting really dirty.

Here is trailer...

Neat story about the movie...


ASM826 said...

Sub-par? I don't think so.
Read this Bonesville column
Those first three games were a flash in the pan that gave Holtz 9.5 million dollars in a new sweetheart contract. NINE POINT FIVE MILLION. No college coach is worth that. Hell, I'd rather give everyone that works at the University a raise and use the stadium for intramural track and field than waste money like this.

9.5 million dollars would have given ECU-TV an operating studio and the ability to broadcast live, along with editing equipment and enough staff to really function for several years.

EDGE said...

I think the verdict is now out on WVU and VT...they were highly overrated.

It's funny that you think 9.5 is a big number for college football and that no college football coach is worth that. You should see what Florida, USC, Ohio State, Alabama and Oklahoma chunk out!

If we didn't pay him that much after taking ECU to 3 straight bowl games, someone else would have picked him up and ECU would be looking for a new coach.

And you think we suck now?

As far as the team goes, they looked awful yesterday. With Cotton gone our D looks like junior high. Thank God we have a bye week nex Saturday, before we go up to UVA (who got beat by Duke this week).

Anonymous said...

Every time I get revved up for Texas Tech, they let me down. They have an awesome offense, but they're weak on defense.
Anyway, Edge, don't be too blue. It's Fall, afterall! (I'm a poet and didn't know it. ;-)

Ted said...

Not to turn the discussion away from football, but Donna Reed ... hubba, hubba as they used to say.

And my favorite (lever gun!):

Sorry, I'm getting all Kin du Toit now, with Sunday Women ...

EDGE said...


That's OK Pink, Texas Tech has a good team! They're much better off then my guys!



Donna Reid was always a fav of my Dad! She was a real 10!