Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rick Monday Saves the American Flag

One of the greatest baseball stories few people know about.


Brooke said...

Absolutely awesome! I'd never heard of this before; thanks!

ASM826 said...

Now, if he had just gone back and kicked their asses it would be a perfect story.

EDGE said...


Glad you enjoyed it!


I think Lasorda either did or wanted to.

EDGE said...

Noticed how that one guy points at Monday after he scoops the flag up? He's like "Hey somebody stop that guy!"

Donald Douglas said...

That's a very interesting baseball moment.

I've already got some field-level Angels tickets for April. Don't know what other parks we'll visit this year.

Also wrote a movie review over on my page, which is rare. I had some problems with "Stop-Loss," though it's worth a look, but not for the reasons the antiwar idiots would give you.

American Power

nanc said...

there are instances when a flag should be burned.

proper flag etiquette.

Michael said...

Great video, Edge, thanks for posting.

I think that scoreboard said it all: Rick Monday... You made a great play

Personally, I don't think he should have kicked their asses. It wouldn't have been dignified, and sometimes, you just don't need to.

Interesting link about flag etiquette. Thanks.

EDGE said...

Hi Don,

Thanks for the visit! I have my doubts about Stop Loss but I might go see it anyway. It sounds like a good ol' anti-war anti-Bush movie right?

Hey Nanc,

I'm all about flag etiquette here!


Thanks for the visit! You have to admit it would be fun to knock these guys around right? I'll hold 'em you beat 'em up!

Michael said...

Edge, sometimes, you just don't need to kick 'em in the ass.

They got their game taken away, and they were hauled off by the cops with the whole stadium jeering 'em.

Those punks weren't worth beating up.

EDGE said...


OK you hold 'em... I'll beat 'em up... ;O)

Elmer's Brother said...

Rick Monday made a great play.

EDGE said...


He sure did! Just in the Rick of time! :O)