Thursday, July 3, 2008

The 4th of July

My buddy ASM826 is back in the blog business with Random Acts of Patriotism, and he has a great post about the 4th! Check it out, and if I don't hear from you guys have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!


Nikki said...

thank you edge! thanks for the 4th wishes and I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday! God Bless America! happy 4th! :)N

kevin said...

Happy 4th Edge.

EDGE said...


God bless America!


Right back at ya'.

Papa Frank said...

Have a great 4th Edge!!!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Same to you on the 4th, Edge! Have a good and safe holiday!!

nanc said...


happy fourth, edge - stay safe and off the road.

Z said...

have a wonderful day! z
(I was very disappointed to see TMC showing PSYCHO this AM instead of I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY or something, you know? but not THAT surprised..maybe they'll start the patriotic films later...yathink? naaa)

EDGE said...

Papa Frank,

You too man!


Stay safe out there Steve and Happy 4th!


I hear ya' Nanc! Happy 4th to you too!


Yah, looks like they are having a Hitchcock Movie Fest today. "1776" is on TCM at 11pm. Never seen it though. Have a great 4th!

Aakash said...

Happy Independence Day to you and your readers! Today was the first time I came to this weblog... I have seen lists of pro-conservatism movies before, but this may be the first weblog dedicated to this genre, that I've come across.

I found your blog via a web search, regarding the movie "Red Dawn" being conservative.

When I was at Hollywood Video yesterday evening, I was thinking of choosing a rental consistent with the Fourth of July theme... There were several options that were featured, at different parts of the store. One section, however, featured the 2-Disc Collectors' Edition of Red Dawn. The staffer could not find a rental version of the movie, but he did mention the half-off sale that they are having right now, on DVDs... I was going to buy two of those sets, but then realized that that deal only applies to "previously viewed" DVDs. Another staffer found a rental DVD though, and I am about to put it in my laptop.

I don't know if you were old enough to remember... but perhaps your readers were - What was the public reaction like, when this movie was released, in 1984?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Happy Fourth of Juuuuly my friend! :)

EDGE said...


Thanks for visiting my blog!

I have never come across a blog or other web page dedicated to conservative movie. This just might be the first!

Red Dawn is a good one! I was 9 when this movie came but I remember it (not that I saw it at that age). As a matter of fact it was the first movie to be rated pg-13.

Here is a little more info about the film, Red Dawn.

Thanks again for the visit and if you have any suggestions for a movie, let me know!


Happy 4th to you too!!!!

Z said...

edge..they finally showed Yankee Doodle Dandy (Cagney) on TMC late last night. I love it.
I hope you had fun!

EDGE said...


A group of us went to see fireworks and it began to rain last night. There was a little office building (built like a house) near by so we ran over to it. We "hid" from thee rain under the tiny overhang of the roof and continued to watch the fireworks. It was pretty cool, but most of the people in town ran to their cars and went home.

Z said...

anybody who stays and watches fireworks under an overhang during a rainstorm is alright with me, edge!!

EDGE said...


What would have been perfect if I had a girl with me...that would be kinda romantic, well IMO anyway.

But anyway...

Z said...

OH, Maureen OHara and John Wayne in THE QUIET MAN, remember?...THE sexiest film known to man and nobody ever takes their clothes off on the screen!?

It'll happen, will.

EDGE said...


You just mentioned my favorite John wayne movie of all time! I remember watching it in high school for the first time because we were assigned to read the short story "The Quiet Man" in English class.

Also, I was watching E.T. last night. The Quiet Man makes as special cameo in the scene where the boy frees the frogs!