Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is this the future of flying?

"Take your seat sir!"

Here's an interesting post from my pal ASM826 titled Freedom versus Security.


Gayle said...

I stopped flying even before 9/11, Edge. I like being the nut behind the wheel. Since I have no reason to travel overseas, I can drive wherever I need to go. Even with the price of gas at what it is, it's worth my peace of mind. But I guess the executives that have to travel on business don't have any choice, and with gas being that expensive, the airlines are already in trouble anyway. I doubt this new idea will do them any good.

Donald Douglas said...

Whoa ... what happened after that?! Intense!

Brooke said...

Not very effective. You can't use it on a human, and the cow just gets up immediately ready to kick ass.

Need a bigger one, IMO!

Nikki said...

ok let's pack some of this our homes, cars, planes, gas stations you name it, I love it. I want one. :)N

kevin said...

Like I said over at random acts,

"I usually fall on the security side of arguments, but this is where i would draw the line. If the government is too lazy and stupid to figure out who the terrorists are, and would rather dog collar us all, then I will opt out."

EDGE said...


The time I ever flew was back in October! Never flew before! I went to Orlando for some job training!


Bad things man. Bad things.


They need to find some middle ground there.


Remind me never to make you mad! ;O)


Yah, that collar thing is a joke! What happens when the person who is supposed to deliver the shock gets the thing taken away? The what? BZZZBZBZBZZZ!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. No thank you.
I once grabbed an electric fence on my Papaw's farm while running from a cousin... and I've never been the same since...
see my eye jerking?

EDGE said...

Boy Pinky I bet that hurt! My Granddad lived next to a cow farm when I was little and he used to warn me all of the time about those fences!