Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New James Bond Trailer on ECM!!!

...but is the trailer to Quantum Of Solace.


Salubrina said...

ahhhh, nothing like waking up to james bond. ok, now i can go to work. :-)

james bond!

what's your favorite 007 movie?
favorite connery 007 movie?
favorite moore 007 movie?
favorite brosnan 007 movie?

as for me...
connery - you only live twice
moore - the spy who loved me
brosnan - goldeneye

i also really love from russia with love. it's a very close second on the connery side.

thanks for the eye candy!

EDGE said...

Hey Salubrina,

For me...

connery - Goldfinger
moore - the spy who loved me
brosnan - goldeneye

I think Connery was the best of the 3 IMO!

cube said...

I hope Daniel wasn't hurt during the filming of this trailer. He's had a bad go of it being Bond.

nanc said...


i cannot get with the bondos.

WomanHonorThyself said...

james comment bro..ha

Salubrina said...


i agree, connery was the best bond. i like goldfinger, i do. i actually got to see it on the big screen in college. we had an old theater that had been refurbished, and showed film noir movies, old classics, etc... they showed goldfinger once. it was so freakin' awesome!

goldfinger is the (pardon the pun) gold standard of 007 movies, but i just love the volcano lair in you only live twice. it's know... it is. :-)

ok edge, fly on over to texas so we can see quantum of solace together. hehehe

Brooke said...

I haven't seen Spy Hard in quite awhile!

And I can't WAIT for the next Bond movie!