Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sky Angel Cowboy

Pretty cool story!


Salubrina said...

okay - first off, you gotta warn people about this stuff! little did i know that i needed the whole damn box of tissues to get through this. sheesh!

second, mere words cannot convey how intense this video clip was. the shortened, condensed version is that my own son, named Logan, died just before birth in may of 2000.

while it is SO not what i want any parent to have to go through, it, too, has served many Godly purposes. i consider myself beyond blessed to have had the time i did have with Logan. his time with me, as well as the pain of his loss, and the experience of intense grief has redefined who i am in all areas of my life. while i still think of him often, and miss him always, i acknowledge and appreciate him, and the blessings i have received as a result of his loss.

re-reading over this, i realize this sounds so 'lofty'. it's not. it sucks. burying your child sucks a$$. holding the most beautiful, amazing, perfect creation you've ever seen in your whole life for mere minutes, then watching a scrub nurse take him away is gut-wrenching. leaving the maternity ward empty handed and broken hearted is one of the absolute worst feelings in the world.


swinging back to the video - thank you edge, for posting this. (snarky comment ahead) it cleared out my sinuses. :-)

EDGE said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I had no idea you had gone through such a horrible loss. I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like.

I too got a little misty watching this video. He sounds like a pretty good kid!

I pray that this video gave you some comfort.

I know this is true for me...sometimes I just need a little reminder on the sacrifice God had to make for the world.

Brooke said...

Dangit, Edge, I'm not a crier but this got me teary.

That boy is wise beyond his years. He'll make a hellva man.

Salubrina said...


thank you for the sweet comments. although my first post here may not have conveyed it, it was comforting for me to be able to grieve a little bit, and release a little more of the hurt.

that young man is incredible. his simple, yet amazing message has already positively affected many lives. his continued walk with God will only enrich more lives and souls.

thank you again, edge. have a great day!


MightyMom said...

whao, that was powerful!

Anonymous said...

Sal, I bet your baby Logan is a lot like this Logan! (love you)
Thanks for posting this, Edge. I love to see tender-hearted boys like this. He'll grow up to be a wonderful man.