Friday, October 10, 2008

"An American Let Down"

I went to go see An American Carol the other day, and honestly, I just didn't find it funny or that entertaining. There were a few parts that might have made me chuckle, but for the most part it was pretty boring.

The great thing about the film is that it is short and will be out on DVD soon. Of course, I'm not sure I would even recommend you renting it either, but if you REALLY don't have anything else to do that day I guess it beats sticking a needle in the eye.

It's not the worst movie I ever saw (V for Vendetta still is #1 in that list), but I thought it was very disappointing. Hopefully, this won't hurt the conservative film movement in Hollyweird, but folks, it sure didn't help it either.


Z said...

It'll only hurt the conservative film movement (BIG TIME) if we don't pay for tickets.
We're going to go and I'm buying more than we need, I swear.

Lots of people love it but my actress friend said "It's not good".

just the clips on TV hit me as funny........I'm disappointed to hear you say this because I trust your taste in films, that's for sure.

But, we MUST buy tickets!! MUST support it.

EDGE said...


Well, I supported it. I dunno. Maybe I've lost my humor of sense.

Anonymous said...

It was over-the-top funny, I thought. It's hard to laugh at that kind of stuff in this climate, though. I liked it, because I needed to just cut loose and laugh.

"She'd look good in a burkah".

Oh! And Dennis Hopper? I had NO idea he was a Conservative! NO idea!! How cool is that?

EDGE said...


I think Hopper and Voit were pretty liberal pre-911, but after the attacks I think a lot of folks starting seeing the Dems for what they are.

Glad you likes it!

Ted said...

Too bad. Satire is pretty easy to go wrong. Understated is under-appreciated.

Cappy said...

Hey, any feedback on The Express?

nanc said...

bicentennial man was THE worst movie EVER. it almost killed my entire family...well, not really, but it nearly put them into irreversible comas!

sometimes they just show the best soundclips from the movie to entice people - the whole idea is to support conservative actors as z has said. we'll buy it on dvd, but will go see "fireproof".

o.t. and f.y.i - my son says you have the best music and he's always lingering here listening to it - so if you see my ip on your sitemeter, just know you have a friend in him.

EDGE said...


So far it's half and half on the good and the bad with reviews so far.

Just thought it could be better.


Hope to see that one soon!


Never saw that one. If your kid wants to me to find any particular movie music for him just let me know!