Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Edge says, "Go see Fireproof!"

Folks, you really need to get out to the theater and see Fireproof! I just saw it Tuesday night and it was amazing! I'm telling y'all right now grab your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend and make a date to see this! You will not be disappointed! Trust ol' Edge on this!

This past spring, you may remember the producers of the film personally gave me, your guide to the greatest conservative movies of all-time, a preview of the film to add to ECM!

Well, it's out and apparently a huge success at #8 in the box office rankings and #1 with fan ratings this week! So don't wait for the DVD...get out there and show it some support! Did I mention it's probably the most anti-Hollywood film since Facing the Giants (which was created by the same folks)?

Now, I'm just gonna tell ya', the acting wasn't spectacular. No Academy Awards for Best Actor or Actress here. As a matter of fact, the only face you will recognize is Kirk Cameron who I thought did a decent job as the lead role.

But what the film leaves for acting is made up with a great story about values I know in my heart you will all enjoy! So make plans to go see it this week!



Brooke said...

OK, I've heard it from Randy, and now from you.

I'll have to try and go!

EDGE said...

It's really cool Brooke. Worth the money!

Anonymous said...

We'll see this one, Edge.
I agree, the acting in Facing The Giants wasn't top notch, but the message made up for it. I'm trusting the same for this one!

EDGE said...


It's not the greatest acting, but there were some parts that even I got misty!

sniff sniff

Z said...

I've seen clips and i'm SO glad to hear the acting doesn't get in the way of a good film because MAN, just the clips STANK!!

We are definitely going..thanks, Edge!

EDGE said...


You're gonna like it.

Trust me.

Elmers Brother said...

my family and I like it very much

EDGE said...

Hel Elm,

Good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with your fam!