Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Canada!

Need to buy me a case of this.


Brooke said...


You got a beaver problem where you live, Edge?

ASM826 said...

How about them Pirates?
Haven't seen any posts about ECU football lately. That coach sure has been working out since his big raise.

BTW, the video is hilarious.

EDGE said...


I don't seem to find enough of them. I know I know...I'm bad.


Before the "big raise" he got us out of depths of college football doom with at a 3-21 record.

Before the "big raise", he took us to two straight bowl games.

Before the "big raise" the program's graduation rate has improved dramatically.

Before the "big raise" he has knocked off the #25 #17 and #7 teams in the a row.

After the "big raise" his star Defensive Lineman who was bound for the NFL got hurt and is out for the entire season, but more than likely this kid will be able to find a job in something besides pro football.

After the "big raise" he has suspended one of our top receivers for the entire season for breaking a team rule...when most coaches (who got bigger raises) would wimp out and overlook such rules.

After the "big raise" he has claimed full responsibility for the team's 3 game skid.

Welcome to the game of football. What should I do? Pull for Texas now because they have a great team and a great coach? Become a UNC fan because they drink the finest wines at tailgate parties?

If ECU didn't give Holtz this "big raise" and he ended up winning the National Championship and left for another school, would you criticize HIM...or would you criticize ECU?

I wonder.

I've been a fan long enough to see the end of the depressing Logan era and the even more depressing Thompson era to know it ain't that bad!

Yes, ECU is struggling. I don't believe we will see a bowl game at the end of the season, but I've been wrong before and I've been right before. And I believe I am right about Holtz and his "big raise."

We suck it up, and we keep him.

ASM826 said...

Wow, that was easy.

Z said...


EDGE said...


Perhaps you would like to discuss our current situation in the Middle East my friend.

Button pushed.



Ted said...

Edge, I think that answer to any generic question is "42". ;-)

Actually, having wasted my college days near Canada, I can say that chasing beaver in Quebec at Winter Carnival is made of win.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

ASM826 said...

Edge said:
"Perhaps you would like to discuss our current situation in the Middle East my friend."

Perhaps I would. But anything that we are doing wrong will be corrected late in January when the Messiah takes office. Why, it will mean no more war, and unicorns will dance under the rainbows.

I can't wait to get my "free" health care and pay no taxes. It's my right! My plan is to let the government do all the work while I go hike the Appalachian trail. Hopefully they will deposit my monthly support checks directly into my account. Keep working, all you productive people, I need the money!

Salubrina said...

oh edge. i heard all about you and your canadian posting.

now, to come, and actually see it...


you know the problem with beavers, right? they just don't give a dam.


in response to your response to brooke, i wanna ask. how many is enough, but, hmm, i'm thinking, i should withdraw the question. guess you're not the only one that's bad.