Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Maybe this then...?


kevin said...

So that's the change he was talking about?

Brooke said...


I saw that one of the major news outlets (CNN, I think) is having a special on Obama's accomplishments.

I wonder if they realize he hasn't done anything yet.


Z said...

If only the States WERE concerned and not buying the blather of THE ONE quite so gleefullY!

hi, Edge!

Always On Watch said...

The Arabs will have a fit seeing an African wearing a sheik's outfit.

Papa Frank said...

I saw a commercial today for the Barack Obama commemorative and limited edition designer plate to hang on your wall. Own a piece of history. The first African American President of the United States. W're going to have 4 years of this bullsh*t!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait...that fitty cent piece is for real? oh, man. The nerve.