Friday, January 30, 2009

1, 2, 3....UNNH!

This weekend...KICK IT!


Gayle said...

Darn! I tried to play this and discovered my speakers aren't working. I checked, and they're plugged into the pc. I haven't a clue why they aren't working. I'd love to watch this 'cause I love Charlie Brown.

Salubrina said...

that was greatness, charlie brown!

ASM826 said...


Went to see Taken with Liam Neeson tonight. Good stuff. A nice guy, but totally locked onto his mission. Rescuing his daughter. Worth the price of admission, and definitely a conservative movie.

Oh, and where's the bacon commercial?

Anonymous said...

Kick it for me, Edge-man.

I've got a wicked cold.

Have fun!

Brooke said...

That was cool!

My kids are running around yelling, "Shake it!" Now. LOL!

kevin said...

No one lays it as down and dirty as Pigpen!