Friday, February 13, 2009

Hudson plane crash audio tapes released by FAA

It amazes me how calm these guys sound on tape. Me, personally, if I was piloting a plane that was about to land in the middle of the Hudson River I'd be in freak out mode!

True story. My minister's son-in-law was on this plane. As you can imagine, he told his dad that there was quite a bit of panic onboard. A pregnant woman was knocked down as passengers rushed to the exit. The son, who is a big strong guy, picked up the woman and told everyone on the plane..."Move." Thanks to him, she was the first one off!


nanc said...

this is a powerful story - hope they make a movie out of it.

Z said...

WHAT a tape......"Uh...say again?" incredible.

Edge..there's a good bunch of comments at my place..your BIRDS post inspired me and I asked bloggers for their scariest movies...I hope you check it out!

Brooke said...