Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mmmm...Bacon Make Edge Happy!

I wonder if she likes bacon?


Z said...

HAAA! I thought he might be a muslim and THAT's why she couldn't eat bacon!

Bacon make Z happy, too! Especially frying with sunny side up eggs in the same skillet..preferably in the fir-scented mountain air. I'll meeet ya there, Edge!

nanc said...

bacon IS our family favorite vegetable.

Z said...

WAIT! The Muslim lady wasn't here when I wrote that comment....RIGHT?


(help, edge!?)

EDGE said...


Know what ya' mean!


You're not crazy...I added that one today.

Gayle said...

Poor Z! You confused her!

I couldn't get the video to run for some strange reason, but I am having computer problems and computer is going to the computer hospital very soon.

I love bacon, pork roasts, and pork sausage. I love pigs because they provide it. :)

Brooke said...


That Muslim woman would like bacon if she ever tried it... Heh. :)

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

What a meanie you are. Just for that, she's gonna strap a suicide vest on one of her children and send him to Paradise by way of a crowded mall near you.

EDGE said...


It's confusing times...that's why we all need to stick together.


Somehow I knew you would enjoy this. Did you click on the story about this woman?


I know right...the religion of peace at work! Thanks for the visit!

Brooke said...

Yeah, having women raped so they would become suicide bombers to 'restore their honor.'

I was just TOO PISSED to make a coherent comment!

commoncents said...

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kevin said...

LOL, good one!

Anonymous said...

That lady needs a good BLT!

Cappy said...

Haha! She bagged a Vegetarian. 2 points!

cube said...

I like bacon on my bacon. I'm a fan of all pork. Moslems don't know what they're missing.

Z said...

WHEW!! Good add, Edge!