Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rules of Engagement (Paramount 2000)

Great suggestion from ASM826 over at Random Acts of Patriotism for this one!

One thing I think the viewer should keep in mind while watching Rules of Engagement is that this film was made pre-9/11. Ask yourself this question. Does Hollywood have the guts to make a film like this now?

Here is the movie summary from IMDb...

Colonel Terry Childers is a 30-year Marine veteran: a decorated officer with combat experience in Vietnam, Beirut and Desert Storm. But now, the country he served so well has put him on trial for a rescue mission that went terribly wrong. For his attorney, he has chosen Marine Colonel Hayes Hodges, a comrade-in-arms who owes his life to Childers. Hodges is not the best lawyer in the service, but Childers trusts him as a brother Marine who knows what it's like to risk death under fire. Bound by duty and friendship, Hodges reluctantly takes the case, even as he begins to doubt the man who saved his life in Vietnam three decades ago.

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