Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edge Reviews "V" Premiere

Great show last night everybody! If you missed the premiere of ABC's V you should be kicking yourself...and hard too! Hopefully, Hulu or ABC will have the pilot on-line to watch soon.

So why was V so great? Let me try my best to paint you a picture.

An alien race comes to Erf with a message of peace and hope. The alien's (or V's short for Visitors) appear to be perfect in every way. Plus they are willing to share their technology for the exchange of Erf's water and minerals which they say they need to survive.

Most humans embrace the V's as saviors to the world. In return, the V's invite the humans to their ships healing them of their illnesses...a form of "health care" mentioned later in the program.

However, there are other humans that don't embrace the V's. Of course, these protesters are looked down upon because they are afraid to embrace "change."

And wouldn't you know it? The V's aren't actually human looking after all! They are in fact green lizard looking things with a flesh human shell! Oh and they've been living among us for quite some time as sleeper cells...and they have finally found the perfect time to strike!

Is any of this sounding a little familiar? No?

If you're an Obamabum and you watched last night's program you couldn't possibly walk away from the TV and be happy. In one hour V laid a prime time smackdown on the Obama administration that even the most conservative leader could only dream of making.

And gee whiz...I don't know. I thought the timing to air the pilot was pretty sweet. I mean election night? Really?

Now, the writer's tried to do a little Bush bashing during the show (you'll have to watch the premiere to see if you can catch it.) However, it was too little to late.

Here's the bottom line on V folks. Obama cannot be happy with this program. There is just no way.

Move over 24, V is here to take over as the new right winger TV series!


Jen said...


I SO hope this show doesn't get cancelled! :P

Brooke said...

I thought Glenn Beck had written the script! LOL!

It was fantastic. I can't wait for the next episode.