Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorting out the BCS mess

Well, first off, here's what you DON'T DO!


This is a simple rule that even some of my most conservative friends do not understand. What I find most disturbing is fans of non-BCS teams are running around blind waving their hands in the air...

Finally! We get to break up the BCS monopoly! Finally! We get to stick it to those RICH BCS schools! Finally! The playing field will be level and it won't have to deal with money!

And what are they hearing from Congress...?

Fear not little non-BCS schools. We'll go after those mean ol' BCS tyrants! You just sit back and relax and enjoy your little ice cream cone.

But what our government is really saying...

We're going to make your little pathetic football programs so dependent on us, your great grandchildren won't even know what the hell a football is.

Don't you think our government has more important things to worry about? I mean, like people trying to kill us? Like supporting our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? Have you ever considered the millions and millions of dollars it will cost the American taxpayer for Congress to hold BCS Hearings(If we haven't already?) Hmmm? Not to mention the delays and lack of progress to solve this issue?

So who's to blame for the BCS?

Go look in the mirror. YOU ARE! You the college football fan, whether you pull for non-BCS or a BCS school, YOU ARE TO BLAME! WE ALL ARE! WHY?!? Because we did not act when the NCAA came up with this Bogus Crap Selection process. We did not contact our athletic directors and say unto them...

If you think for one damn minute I am going to give another dime to this institution while you sit back and watch this $#!% happen you must be out of your FREAKING MIND!!!!!

We, the fans, were afraid to stand up to the NCAA, the conferences, and even our own schools we so dearly love and question their decisions. We figured...hell, they know what they're doing up there, right?

History has proven, without a doubt...THEY DID NOT!

So what do we do? How do we solve the BCS mess?

According to the NCAA, the BCS teams are no different that the non-BCS teams. They all have to follow the same rules and regulations, right?

Well, think of it as each individual school has made an investment and are shareholders in the NCAA. If you're a shareholder of a Fortune 500 company and you invest just as much money as the next shareholder, but for some unknown reason you receive less than other shareholders, what do you do?

What do you do? Call Obama? Your senator? Some government agency? You could do that, but more than likely your gripe will get lost on the bottom of the pile of some bureaucrat's desk.

What if you sold your share and ceased to have any relationship with that Fortune 500 company?

What if the non-BCS schools left the NCAA entirely and formed a new athletic association? Not for just football but all collegiate sports?

I know it sounds crazy, but hang with me here.

But, but, (sniff-sniff) we we need them!

Why? WHY? WHY DO WE NEED THEM?!! Please explain to me why do non-BCS schools need other BCS schools?!? Why does East Carolina need to play UNC and NC State? Why does Southern Mississippi need to play Ole Miss and Mississippi State?

Be-because (sniff-sniff), we need the money and (sniff-sniff) the TV.

Wait a minute...wait a MONEY? I thought that was the problem in the first place with the BCS?

If you want to talk about money why couldn't this new athletic association pay players? The NCAA doesn't. Do you honestly think the talent the BCS teams are getting will actually say...

No, no, I won't play for Northern Illinois even though they'll pay me money and I can actually have some sort of life outside of college football and my classes. I'd rather play for Illinois where I can play on TV and maybe go to the Rose Bowl.

Yah right.

But-but (sniff) where are we going to get the money to pay players? The economy is bad.

The economy is bad. However, from what I can tell my non-BCS school that I graduated from is planning an expansion of not only its football stadium but also building a brand spankin' new softball stadium.

Don't think for one minute non-BCS schools don't give pay increases to athletic directors and coaches. As long as you keep buying the merchandise, the hot dogs, the Pepsi's, the tickets, the club dues, the money will always be there...and you know you did it this past fall...even with this BIG BAD economy. DO NOT TELL ME YOU DIDN'T.

Oh yes and try to remember sports fans, the NCAA is still the same bunch of a--holes who go around and tell schools what they can and cannot call their mascot, too.

East Carolina hosted Football Championship Series (FCS) (formerly Division I-AA) Appalachian State in its first game of the 2009 season.

Not a BCS team but a FCS team

43,279 went to that game in Greenville. Later in the season ECU hosted ACC and BCS member Virginia Tech...43,569 went to that know...we need the BCS to like us.

Oh and by the way, this new athletic association will actually have a football playoff and ACTUALLY crown a true national champion at the end of the season! bowl games.

As far as television goes, if it's a big will be on the tube. With the talent these non-BCS teams will receive for paying players and an exciting football playoff to watch instead of the Meineke Car Care Bowl I'd say this is a grand opportunity.

More than likely. however, it's a grand opportunity that no one has the stomach for.

Too risky.

I'd rather just complain and bitch.

Just let the guvment handle it.

True, the government can step in and tell everyone in college football to play nice, but can't we the fans demand more from our favorite schools, sports conferences and the NCAA?


Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Yes, I hate the BCS, but I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw that congress was getting involved!

What the frick??

That is NOT what I pay taxes for!

I'm mad enough at Texas Tech right now over ticket prices and parking, but you do have a point about contacting the Athletic Director.

Remember when Obama voiced his opposition to the BCS? No surprise it's getting government intervention...

Brooke said...

Keep the gov't out of EVERYTHING, I say!

Seriously, they don't have anything more important to do than worry about college ball?!?

EDGE said...


The truly sad and pitiful thing is that recently a REPUBLICAN introduced a bill to state that a BCS winner could not call themselves National Champions! A REPUBLICAN?!!?! I cringed so hard when I heard that news. Sometimes I wonder if I should just go independent.


Can you imagine having a kid overseas right now??

"Hey mom! Hope all is well! Don't worry about me. We can do without ammo for a few days. I understand that the #$%@&^* ROSE BOWL IS MORE IMPORTANT!!!!"

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen bro! Hugzzzzzzzzzz!

Anonymous said...

I know, Edge.

I haven't called myself a Republican for over a decade.