Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's Happening?

Was it stupid?


Was it a waste of time?


Could of got caught?


Was it immature and childish?


Was it funny?



Brooke said...

I could just see my six-year-old sounding that out now...

However, if we're referring to M. Night-whatever as a penis, that is indeed funny!

mommyof5 said...

Did you see who did this? Did they get caught? It is kind of funny. I wouldn't have ever done anything like this.....I was a goody too shoes as a kid...
Mommy of 5

EDGE said...


Not a big fan of his movies either. I still catch stuff from my best friend's wife after the three of us saw the Village (b/c I wanted to see it).

She leaned over to me during the movie and said, "This is the worst @#$%&* movie I've ever seen in life, and I truly want to thank you for dragging us out here to see this."


This picture was from so I don't know if they got caught or not. I probably would have tried something like this in my younger days, and I'm almost positive I would have got caught! ;O)

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny.
But I'm juvenille like that.
I kinda like his movies...but The Villiage was baaaad.
The Sixth Sense totally freaked me out. oooooohh.

I hate slasher movies...his are as far as I go into scary.

Cappy said...


EDGE said...


Yah, 6th Sense freaked me out too! But the Village was pretty baaaaaad! ;O)


Thanks for the visit! Nice to know our heads are in the same place! HA!