Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ronald Reagan Remembers D-Day

What is it about Reagan anyway? I mean really! His speeches seem to fit perfect today? Have you ever noticed? Have you? ;O)

Wanna 'nother good one? Check this out!

Oh God above, thank you, THANK YOU for allowing me to live in a country built by men braver than me! Thank you LORD! THANK YOU!


Papa Frank said...

Boy I miss Reagan! It was nice when the country was led and marked by optimism. The greatest thing that Reagan did was remind us that we are great. For that alone we are in his debt.

EDGE said...

Papa Frank,

Welcome to ECM, and thank you for you post! He truly is missed!

Elmers Brother said...

he definitely knew how to get out us out of that funk Carter put us in...blaming us for everything.

they were the greatest generation

Elmers Brother said...

I forgot did I tell you thanks for putting the theme from Exodus up...good one

EDGE said...

Elmer's Bro,

I plan on renting it this weekend! Liked the soundtrack!

Gayle said...

Thank you, Edge, for both of those videos. Reagan was one of a kind. I've missed his so badly. Papa Frank is right. Reagan was always optimistic, something the left seems to be devoid of.

God bless!

Brooke said...

You can sit back and read Reagan quotes and they are still SO relative and 100% correct!

Thanks for the videos, Edge.

nanc said...

yes, thank the GOOD LORD for those who are more than willing to serve, past, present and future.

i venture to guess how much foreign behind we're going to be kissing if the wrong person gets into office next year.

can you just hear it? "oh no, we don't have a beef with your country - is there ANYTHING we can do to make amends?"

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen amen my friend!..Let freedom ring!

kevin said...

The Great Communicator is sorely missed. RR would have had no problem running against Clinton or Obama.

Z said...

Your comment in red blew my mind, edge...what a great sentiment. God bless you!

Donald Douglas said...

Nice posting, Edge!

I visited the WWII memorial in D.C. last summer, and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

And thanks for visiting my blog!!

EDGE said...


Thanks Gayle!


Wish we could find another one like him!


Imagine just calling evil, "EVIL." Old concept the Dems need to pick up!


Glad you liked the video!


Yah Reagan would kick their asses in a debate wouldn't he?


Thank my Mom and Dad for educating me!


My folks visited there, they said it was very impressive! Have you ever been to Bedford, Va to the D-day Memorial