Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fix it Daddy

No videos today my friends. Just a really good read!

Fix it Daddy

"Fix it daddy," she lisps at two, showing this god in her life, her scraped knee.

"Fix it, Daddy," she says at four, tearfully producing her broken balloon, purchased from the vendor at the parade.

"Fix it, Daddy," she says at six, struggling with her jacket zipper on her rush out the door to school.

"Fix it, Daddy," she says at eight, confidently wheeling her dented and lopsided bike toward him as he gets out of his car after work.

"Fix it, Daddy," she intones righteously at 10, after coming out loser in a knockdown, drag-out battlewith her stupid, tyrannical and absolutely impossible brother.

"Fix it, Daddy," she pleads at 12, in the first of many struggles with her mother over whether she's old enough to wear eye shadow.

"Fix it, Daddy," she sobs at 14, when her image hits rock bottom, because she didn't make the cheerleading squad.

"Fix it, Daddy," she asks at 16, exposing her first broken heart over a lost love.

"Fix it, Dad," she says at 18, when the college she wants doesn't want her.

"Fix it, Dad," she implores at 22, sending along her mangled checkbook stubs and a 1040 form.

"Fix it, Dad," she begs at 24, when she witnesses a rare conflict between him and her mother.

"Fix it, Dad," she writes at 26, explaining that she wants a quiet wedding officiated by a priest and a rabbi.

"Fix it, Dad," she prays at 30, when her baby is in the hospital and her husband is overseas.

"Fix it, Grandpa," she insists at 40, as she turns her contrary 12-year-old son over to him for the weekend.

"Fix it, Dad," she begs at 45, when he tells her his heart is faltering and needs repair.

"Fix it, Father," she prays at 55, as she kneels at her dad's funeral, praying that he will find peace and realizing that from now on, he will be fixing things for her in a way he never could before.

Author - Unknown


cube said...

That's bittersweet.

Brooke said...

Yeah, no kidding!

Nikki said...

gosh...trying to make us cry on a tuesday? great message. thanks for sharing...I substituted the girl for my 10 year old son. made me tear up. :)N

Jennifer said...

I called my dad after reading that poem. God Bless, Edge!

Z said...

I miss my dad.
this didn't help!!
it's beautiful, edge..thanks.

kevin said...

It's good to remind ourselves how important we are to our children from time to time.

EDGE said...


Yah it is. This was read at a funeral for a friend of mine. Not a dry eye in the house I can tell you that!


I guess we've all had those fix it daddy moments haven't we?


Hope I didn't make you cry too much! I just remembered this poem the other day and thought I'd share with you all! :O)


New avatar I see! I like that one the best! :O)


I'm sure he misses you too Z!


Speaking as a son, I thank my folks as much as I can for their parenting! They are both very special to me!

nanc said...

this just makes me miss my dad...


Z said...

how much nicer a thing could you have said? thanks, edge.

did you get my email?

Anonymous said...

Oh my.
Thanks, Edge.
I'm calling my Dad tomorrow.
I love him.

EDGE said...


I bet he misses you too!


When this was read at my friend's funeral, everyone wanted a copy of it. I'll check my e-mail today!


Glad you liked it!

Cappy said...

This got to me.

EDGE said...

Yah, me too Cap!

Elmers Brother said...

good one

EDGE said...

Thanks Elm!