Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama No Teleprompter

This is sad. Sad that half the people in this country are going to vote for this fool.


Jennifer said...

Give a kid with asthma a Breathalyzer! (Sounds like B.O. needs one.) Sorry, sonny, it would cost too much, the same as it would cost us.

Wonder what Obama has been putting in his own inhalator?

Jennifer said...

Hey Edge and Fans,

I read that a movie is being made about this Olympic athlete. He survived 47 days adrift in the ocean before becoming a WWII POW.

He also worked with Billy Graham.

cube said...

An affirmative action presidential candidate.

Nikki said...

what the heck? This is why Obama has turned down McCains offer of several town hall if we didn't already know what the rest of the kool aid drinkers didn't...great find! :)N

Brooke said...

OMG, what the frick is he talking about? An INHILATOR?!?

No wonder he doesn't want to do town hall meetings. He can't string together a single coherent thought.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sheesh..and he may very well be our next Pres buddy..time to move!

nanc said...

scary, ain't it?


nanc said...

p.s. we need to start referring to it as an "obamaprompter". at least teleprompters have some brains behind them - bwah!

Papa Frank said...

And they dog Bush for being inarticulate. Maybe these fools could learn a little humility since there will soon be hours worth of reels of Obama stammering like a village idiot.

Z said...

In that second 'speech', can someone tell me what he was addressing with "we're going to!"

he suddenly got SO flummoxed and tongue tied then pointed into the audience as if someone had thrown him off and said "We're going to!" TO WHAT?

what to......breathe......costs as much as ..........

oh, what the heck.

Anonymous said...

he made up a word.

How many times have I heard him say, "I haven't had much sleep in the past x number of hours"??



Z said...

Pinky...I'm not sure there's an excuse this guy hasn't used.
He might not be able to speak off teleprompter, but he sure can think of an EXCUSE as quick as lightning!

EDGE said...

"Wonder what Obama has been putting in his own inhalator?"

No tellin' Jennifer!


You got that right!


You're right, McCain would chew this guy to bits in a town hall debate.


I dunno, the guy's just a complete frickin' moron!


Let's go!

"obamaprompter"...I like that!

Papa Frank,

You're right! When Bush speaks he has a point and makes it. Sometimes words get pronounced wrong, but you at least know what he's talking about!


I don't know what that was all about it either. It's almost like he said that and no one was speaking to him. AAMOF, when he said this the people in the audience were looking around to see who was he talking to!


Can you imagine if Bush made up that word? The media would crucify him!

Debbie said...


No script, "uh, er, and-ah, um ..."

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

EDGE said...

Pathetic. A great word to describe him, Deb!

Oscar1986 said...

idiot with a good voice :(
He is a puppet, he was chosen a long time ago. Obama has no political power except that which was handed to him. People talk about Bush being dumb, but look at this guy he stood in that crazy church far longer than he should. Obama just doesn't come off as an idiot.

EDGE said...


Glad to hear from you! It's been awhile! How would you like to be one of those guys coaching Obama before he speaks. That must be frustrating.

So good to hear from you!

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