Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is George Bush Batman?

The simple answer is, yes! After seeing The Dark Knight, George W. Bush is Batman! Well sort of anyway. Here's a great post I found on According to Nikki!

Here's another article this time from Rush!

Haven't seen The Dark Knight yet?! Click here for show times in your area!


ASM826 said...

I liked the movie. For a comic book movie, it covered a lot of ground. Like a good western, in a way. The hero finds himself in a lawless place, with the authorities powerless. He chooses to act, and act outside the system. Everything else that happens evolves from his decision.

Part of the message is, in any situation you can choose to act, or choose to not act. Both are decisions, both have outcomes and consequences, and you cannot escape personal responsibility either way. It's a hard thing to accept.

Nikki said...

Hey edge, thanks for the props and for the publicity! I thought it was a great movie and I am glad you saw it and liked it. George and Batman hated by the peeps, that's enough of a paralell for me but there was a lot of other stuff to draw upon too! thanks again for the plug...:)N

cube said...

What a trip. I love the fact that a conservative movie makes MONEY!

Brooke said...

The hubby and I made one of our extremely rare movie outings and saw Batman on opening day.


Papa Frank said...

We have got to see this yet but we're going to make a point to. I've heard many good things about it. Thanks Edge!

Papa Frank said...

Does your name Edge come from the U2 guitarist? Just curious how you came to call yourself Edge.

Jennifer said...

Or how about Aerosmith?

Livin' On the Edge
You can't help yourself from fallin'
Livin' On the Edge
You can't help yourself at all
Livin' on the edge

kevin said...

I wasn't going to bother with the latest Batman, but it's hard to ignore all these rave reviews.

WomanHonorThyself said...

whooooooooooooos Robin?..lol

EDGE said...


No problem! Thanks for the great article!


Yep, it's rakin' the cash!


I finally saw it Sunday! I thought it was very good too! Like the first one also!

Papa Frank,

Yah, go out and see this, but you would probably want to leave the kids with a sitter!

As far as my name goes, I'm not a huge U2 fan, though I get that all the time. "Edge" is actually my last name!


Yah, I helped write that song!


Go see it! You'll like it!


Maybe Cheney? Maybe Rice could be Batgirl?