Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dark Knight "What if" Trailers

What if you had the cast from the 1966 Batman TV series in today's Dark Knight movie?

Or the 1989 movie?

I'd probably see this version too!


Nikki said...

VERY funny! I thought the Michael Keaton one looked pretty good comparitively. Now days it seems they are re-doing the classics before they are Superman. The Christopher Reeve version I think is still superior to the recent one they did. Its the creativity in Hollywood that is in shambles...they have to re-do and re-do. Though this dark knight was of course awesome! great post...:)N

ASM826 said...

Those are just a reminder how good the new movies are, and how bad the old ones were.

Jack Nicholson is a great actor, but I'd rather watch the Shining, or A Few Good Men, if I want to see him.
The rest of it is just dreck.

Brooke said...

Man, those kids are serious! LOL!

Jack always turned my stomach as Joker... But then, even that was FAR superior to the next two bombs. Thank goodness for the new Batman movies with Bale.

I've got to say that I was almost crying from watching the first trailer! Ol' Caesar saying, "Why so serious?" LOL!

How about Joker V Joker, Edge?

WomanHonorThyself said...

I just watched Batman Begins..ha

Anonymous said...

Number three is the best, by far!!

Nicholson as the Joker, pbbbth!

I stopped seeing the Batman movies after Michael Keaton. Christian Bale has brought me back!

EDGE said...


Yah, the new Superman that came out wasn't as good as tghe original I thought!


I think if Jack was given Ledger's Joker role he could have pulled it off in Dark Knight.


Notice Caesar's mustache under the makeup. He wouldn't let the producers of the TV series shave it off!


Dag! Hurry up girl and see Dark Knight! :O)


I used to have a Batmobile that you could ride in as a kid. Man that thing was cool!