Friday, August 15, 2008

The Most Important Olympics

Jesse gives ol' Adolph a tasty $&!#burger to eat at his Berlin Olympics.


Z said...

Too bad Owens' mother wasn't Jewish!

I'd say that Sh!tburger was Adolph's 'JUST DESSERT'.

Good post, of THE most wonderful moments in Olympics history!

Brooke said...

Lovin' it! Nothing better than seeing ol' Hitler EAT SHIT.

Gayle said...

Yes, I'm sure Hitler had a very hard time with that. God bless Jesse Owens! I agree with Z. It would have been better if his mother or father had been Jewish, but we can't have everything. :)

EDGE said...


Yah if someone would have told Hitler Owen's mother was a Jew he might have killed himself right there and we could avoided WWII entirely!


A lot of folks are comparing this years Olympics with that of 1936. What do you think?


I wonder what he did right after that?

Nikki said...

Great clip and history reminder! On a side note...My favorite all-time movie is The Man from Snowy River. The music is phenomenal! You should have it on your playlist!! :)N

EDGE said...

Thanks Nikki!

I'll check that one out!

kevin said...

Now the Chinese are lip syncing, using underage athletes and putting 'undesirables' in torture camps in today's Olympics.

kevin said...

"It is all eerily reminiscent of the build-up to the 1936 Games in Berlin, when the government cleared similar 'undesirables' from the streets.

Under Hitler's regime many of the Nazi concentration camps bore the slogan Arbeit macht frei (Work makes you free) at their gates.

In China, the camps bear the slogan 'Re-education Through Labour'. (It's a peculiar irony that Beijing has been so determined to use the English language to welcome the world, that street signs even bear the chilling words.)"


EDGE said...

Such a wonderful country isn't it Kev?

You know there must be a poor Chinese family watching all of this Olympic stuff and saying "They really pulled the wool over the eye's of the world!"

I just pray for our kids to do their best in the Olympics and come home safely, that's about all I can muster.

Gayle said...

Off topic, but I want you to know that your homepage link doesn't work. There are two periods in the url between "conservativemovies" and ""

Just thought I'd let you know so you can fix it. :)

EDGE said...

Thanks Gayle!

nanc said...

did you notice the flags flying at half staff? wonder why?

if history repeats itself, this olympics may be a prelude of things to come.

phelps could very well be the owens of our time.

Anonymous said...

Great clip, Edge.
Don't ya wish a random javelin had found it's way straight through Hitler while he was congratulating one of his gold medal winners? Or a shot put to the head? Or a discus? So many options.

Ewwww, that woulda been kewl!

Anonymous said...

Edge, thought you might want to read more about T. Boone Pickens at Harry's blog. It's his Aug. 13 post.

MightyMom said...

there's nothing new under the sun.