Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who should be on the GOP ticket in 2012?

Do you want smaller government?

Do you want state rights protected?

Do you want smaller taxes?

Do you want the sanctity of life honored?

Do you want your Second Amendment rights defended?

Do you want to see an end to the IRS?

Do you want to see 100% of our military supported?

Do you want to see the United States win the War on Terror?

Do you want to start drilling for oil?

Do you think Governors make better Presidents?

Do you want marriage to be defined between a man and a woman?

Do you want Israel to be defended?

Do you want America to stand up to Russia? China? Iran? North Korea, and other enemies?

Do you want our borders protected?

Do you want education to flourish in our country?

Do you want to have an overwhelming victory in 2012 that will secure, not only the Presidency, but the House and the Senate?












I'm Edge...and I approve this message.

Of course, thoughts are welcome.


EDGE said...

Gotta' luv it!


Salubrina said...


i cast my vote for papa frank, and whoever he decides is his running mate. :-)

Papa Frank said...

Bring it!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thats a longgggggggggggg way off..ugh!..ah yes chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange!!..but my friend..I won't give up the fight...just yet! :)

Nikki said...

I am a Romney girl and will be pushing for him for sure! :)N

Brooke said...

I'd vote for Darth Vader if he promised to get rid of the IRS! LOL!

But, if PF is running then I submit myself for the VP slot. I even promise not to increase my rank Klingon-style. ;)

Ticker said...

Sorry Edge but if Huckabee is on the ticket I will find another party to join. He is no more a conservative than McCain was and in fact in many ways was is more liberal than McCain. His record as governor certainly does not reflect a sound conservative policy. To top that it would once again give the far right a platform from which to attempt to dictate policy.

I was hoping that the GOP had learned something form the 06 losses but evidently not. The GOP has to have more than a three legged stool from which to reach the heights to topple the most leftist government this country has ever seen. It will need a firm ladder with many rungs in it and have it firmly planted on the groundwork of the Constitution in order to win in 2012. The far right agenda of Dobson, Perkins etal will not get the job done.

When Romney attempted to include the far rights platform in his already wobbly three legged stool approach he was defeated immediately. As long as McCain stayed more or less to the center he was doing ok .

Dick Armney was correct in 06 when he said that the GOP had sold out to the religious far right and it would come back and bite them in the butt. 06 and this election should have been enough proof of that but it seems that it took an 08 thrashing to show that he was correct. The GOP depended on the far right to back their candidate and they failed to do so even with Sarah Palin introduced to the fray. They stayed at home as their radical preachers and prophets told them to do. The consequences will be bitter but hopefully the GOP will learn and will focus on the actual issues facing this country rather than the fringe issues.

I am as much against abortion as anyone can possibly be but it was not and is not a prime issue nor is gay marriage as the far right would love to dictate to the GOP that it should be. One of the rungs in the ladder , yes but not one of the rails that holds the ladder upright.

If the far right is allowed to dictate the candidate in 2012 then look not only for 4 more years but 8 more years of socialism on the rampage.

Ted said...

Edge, a lot of Palin's attraction (well, to me anyway) is that she'll get the Fed.Gov out of my face.

Mike H will get the Fed.Gov in my face, more than an orthodontist.

Palin/Huckabee looks a bit like a contradiction in terms, sort of like Hillary/Lewinski. You just know (hope?) that they don't really get along.

EDGE said...

Salubrina & PF,

Papa Frank's a good guy...if he runs he'll get my vote.


Never give up, never surrender.


If it's Romney, he's got my vote.


Darth Vader's a bad MOTHA!


I voted for Huck (in the primary) for many reasons. He wanted to protect the 2nd Amd., destroy the IRS, continue the offense with the War on Terror, protect traditional marriage, and ban abortion.

Was he the perfect candidate? No. Were there things that he stood for that I was against? Yes. His stance on the border, at least at the time of the primary, was not in line with my thinking AT ALL.

Along with Huck's politics, he handles himself very well in debates and interviews...a lot better than Palin IMO.

Now that McCain has distanced himself from Palin and true conservatives, look for Huck to distance himself from McCain....and I will bet he and Palin will be communicatinf these next 4 years.

Perhaps Huck and Palin will both try for the Presidency...but Huckabee ain't no lib. That I am very sure of.

EDGE said...


Now that McCain has distanced himself from Palin and true conservatives, look for Huck to distance himself from McCain....and I will bet he and Palin will be communicating these next 4 years.

You watch! This guy isn't a lib at all. Republicans didn't support him because he didn't have the bucks that Romney had or the name like McCain. They didn't want an outsider so they (Rush, the National Review) painted him blue!

Maybe Huck will prove me wrong and side with the Country Club Blue Blood Republicans like McCain...but don't count on it.

Ticker said...

Here is what I had to say about Huckabee back in February of this year. My opinion has not changed for the better, only for the worse for I saw him then and see him now as the epitome of all the far right stands for but yet when it comes to standing along side their own they turn tail and run or begin to backbite and snarl.

Here was where I stood then and will stand should he attempt to run again. I did my homework as I did on all the candidates and I was not kind to any of them if you investigate my blog during Jan, Feb and Mar.

Mike Huckabee, Baptist preacher, former Governor, and wannabe President said he is not quitting. “I didn’t major in math, I majored in miracles.”

Well, Mike, if you plan on pulling out some miracles, then you’d better learn to walk on water, turn water to wine, and while you are at it ,maybe you can raise a few voters from the dead because you have already lost the nomination. You may have won Kansas today, but Dorothy and Toto were out of town, or out voting for Obama.

Then Huckabee pulls out the “whomever is nominated had better be battle tested.” Well, Mike, where did your battle test happen? While I am no fan of McCain, I’d put his battled-tested background up against yours any day of the week.

It seems as though Huckabee went to a second-rate Baptist college in Arkansas, entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and dropped out after a year. Not much of a sign of commitment, if you ask me. Wonder how he would have held up as a POW for five years, as did McCain? How about a Naval Combat flyer with over 20 missions in Vietnam? Did he say battle tested? Come on, Mike, what battle? Running for Arkansas Baptist Convention President, running for Governor, getting your degrees awarded to you? Looks like McCain has a bit more battle experience in that arena as well, given the fact that he has been in Congress for over 20 years. So, Mike, find a better comparison than “battle tested.” McCain wins hands down on that one.

I can’t say much for either man when it comes to the immigration question. McCain wants to let ‘em come on in, as do you, Mike. Remember, you felt sorry for an illegal and decided to give away the farm to them with a mess of scholarships, grants, and in-state tuition. So, Mike, if you want to get elected to anything, you had better find a different road on this subject. All you have are the wedge issues of Dobson Inc. And, Mike, that ain’t what Mr. and Mrs. Smith are interested in.

Of course, you ran well where the preachers got in their pulpits on Sunday morning before Super Tuesday and told their congregations that voting for Mitt Romney was voting to have the Mormons running the country in a year. I bet some of these same old preachers were preaching that mantra about JFK in 1960 and claiming that if he was elected, the Pope would be running the country. Well, Mike, it didn’t happen, but your buddy preachers sure scared “hell” out of, or at least panicked, their congregants on Sunday, now didn’t they. How pathetic.

So much for standing on your own merits, Mike. Looks like you still have someone fighting your fights for you. When are you going to get battle tested, Mike?

Papa Frank said...

Thanks, although I would certainly like to be number two on the ticket if Brooke is coming on board. She's certainly deserving of top slot. We're gonna look great at the debates though with our cigars lit and six-shooters strapped on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I just don't see Palin running for POTUS. I don't think SHE would want to. Maybe I'm crazy like that.

Huckabee? He's a great speaker, but the way he attacked Romney during / after the primaries was just silly. It seemed juvenile to me, and made me question how he would handle himself on a bigger stage.

At this point I have no idea who I want to see run. The good news is that we have a lot of decent folks to consider, which isn't something we've always had.

Nightcrawler said...

Palin/Huckabee would be cool, but so would Palin/Thompson and Palin/Paul and Palin/Romney. I would support all of those tickets (even if Ron Paul is a bit of an astronaut).

EDGE said...


I remember my first primary I voted for Alan Keyes over Dole. People thought I was nuts back then too, but he was the most conservative candidate and I went with him. AAMOF, I might had voted for him twice when Bush ran his first time.

Right now, I'd vote for just about anybody over Obama...Romney, Rudy, Brownback, anybody...But mark my words to this day...I won't vote for John McCain again, and luckily it looks like I won't have to.

You questioned Huckabee's faith and politics and those are fair questions, but if ever there was a candidate that could take those kinds of's HIM. Watch below...especially when Wolf Blitzer tries to trip him up...

Your "Battle tested" comment I find also interesting. It seems the only thing McCain did was be a POW for 5 years...and that's it. His politics are always pathetic and the way his staffers have treated Palin after the election has been disgraceful. During the time before the election the media babied him calling him the Maverick. The media loved the guy b/c he was giving Bush trouble.

Now let's look at Huck. He took over a state that had two of the most corrupt governor's of all time (Bill Clinton, Jim Guy Tucker). Huck actually had to raise taxes tin the state b/c its infrastructure was so screwed up. The state was in the red, when Huck left office it was in the black.

So he went to school for a year and dropped out. Do you know why? I don't. I know he didn't come from a family that was very wealthy. I'm not sure Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is "second rate." I'm sure it isn't a Wake Forest, but really and truly I don't know. And, don't really care.

As far as Romney being a Mormon, I didn't really care about that either...

THIS, however, is what I cared about...

So, I guess we can respectfully disagree with Mike Huckabee. I like the guy.

EDGE said...

Papa Frank & Brooke,

A cigar in every pot!


Hope we can find one that can beat Obama!


Palin/Scooby Doo, Palin/The Tooth Fairy, Palin/and her imaginary friend...would ALL have my vote against this guy!

Brooke said...

PF, if they thought that Rove and Cheney were evil conservatives, wait 'till they get a load of me...


kevin said...

I get the feeling an unknown will emerge. A real conservative who understands which party he belongs to, and isn't ashamed of his base.

Papa Frank said...

Rove and Cheney are wusses next to you and I on a ticket!!! That shotgun of Cheney's won't stand a chance against my 1891 Argentine Mauser.

nanc said...

beamish in '12.

Cappy said...

I don't like Huckabee, but do like Palin a lot!