Thursday, February 12, 2009

Coming home from the Dentist

...or Michael Phelps: The Early Years.

A little boy comes home from the dentist feeling...strange.


kevin said...

Now he's ready to vote for Obama ;)

EDGE said...


Yes, he has seen the light! ;O)

Papa Frank said...

Sign me up for this kid's dentist!!!

Brooke said...

Poor kid! :)

Z said...

I'm with Brooke...POOR KID!

I could say something about college days, but it might incriminate me.
And, I didn't do that stuff!

I'm not sure I'd have said "Kinda feels GOOD, huh?" to my kid...maybe that's the mistake Mrs. Phelps made! (Great caption, Edge!)

By the way, what the HECK did they give that kid? NOvicaine has NEVER made me react like that...thank goodness.......looks miserable!

Brooke said...

Yah, I'm not sure I would've said, "Kinda feels good, huh," either.

My guess is they gave him Nitrous to knock him out and then a mild narcotic afterwards for the pain. It can cause some hallucinations and lethargy... My mommy side kicked in when he screamed and I felt for that boy!

Elmers Brother said...

I felt for him too, but still thought it was funny.

Salubrina said...

okay, that was freakin' hilarious!

needed that laugh edge! thanks.

EDGE said...

Glad I could give you one!