Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tom Horn (Warner Bros. 1980)

If you've watched The Dark Knight and understood the conservative theme that movie had, I think you will really enjoy the 1980 western Tom Horn starring Steve McQueen. The accuracy of the movie is a little off, but it's a great story and I just had to make it the Movie of the Week!

Horn asks that nagging question we all are afraid to answer. Why do we hate those who rid us of our demons?

Here is the film review from IMDb...

A renowned former army scout is hired by ranchers to hunt down rustlers but finds himself on trial for the murder of a boy when he carries out his job too well. Tom Horn finds that the simple skills he knows are of no help in dealing with the ambitions of ranchers and corrupt officials as progress marches over him and the old west.

Interested in learning more about the real Tom Horn? Click here!

Here is a scene from the movie...


Cappy said...

Is it just me or is it getting too depressing to watch a classic like High Noon, where you know many of our countrymen are out of step and downright hostile to the ideals put forth?

Ducky's here said...

"High Noon" is considered a criticism of the McCarthy witch hunts. The writer went before the committee and refused to name names.

Of course there is always Howard Hawks' superior rebuttal, "Rio Bravo".