Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Edge's Beer Margaritas

Folks, you gotta try this Summer drink! I know the ingredients sound a little screwy, but trust me when I say this beverage will go down smooth on hot day!

Just take all of this (serves 6)...

12 oz. Tequilla
12 oz. Sprite
12 oz. Miller Lite
12 oz. Frozen Lime-Aid

...mix it together and serve with ice in a salted glass. Careful though, these things can sneak up on ya'.



Brooke said...

Ohh, I'll have to try it.

What is a good tequila to buy? I've never purchased or had any... More of a bourbon or martini girl. ;)

Cappy said...

Sounds good. Gonna wait for the E. Carolina/App. State game for this one!

EDGE said...


Jose Cuervo Gold is a good one. A little pricey, but worth it. Also be sure use regulat Sprite and not Diet...it won't taste right!


Are you a Mountaineer or a Pirate?

Anonymous said...

this sounds GOOD!

nanc said...

i would never do that to beer - i would never do that to tequila - however, i've on occasion had me a shot of tequila with a beer back!