Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Headline of the Year!

Found this jewel on Bore Patch! Check him out when you have a chance!


Z said...

that is just TOO GOOD~! CHick...heh!
Thanks, edge..I needed a smile today!

nanc said...

isn't it terrible that men love women and vice versa? and sometimes they just cannot help but show it? i caught some heat once for having within my office humor folder the following:

"sexual harassment will not only be tolerated, but graded on a scale of 1-10" - sure pist a couple of people off, but i had it in my own folder and not on display so there wasn't a dayamed thing they could do about it.

no, i do not promote unwanted advances, but people do play in the workplace and if you tell someone "NO!" it should be respected.

Brooke said...


Anonymous said...

Oh dude.
This would have made me mad back in college.
Now I think it's hilarious!