Sunday, October 11, 2009

King of Kings (MGM 1961)

Who really killed Jesus?

Was it the Jews?

The Romans?

My minister, when asked this very same question, had a very interesting take on Christ's death.

"Who killed Him," he said. "God the Father was the one who killed Him. He was the one who threw the switch on His own Son."

They both knew what needed to be done, he explained, so the sins of the world could have a chance to be washed long you believe in Him....

...and not politicians or government (well, OK, I added that one).

The Conservativeflix Movie of the Week is the classic King of Kings. You all know the story, but this time you have to put your right wing glasses on when you watch this! (If you're a lib and you don't have any right wing glasses ask to borrow some from a real American.) Watch the struggle between good and evil, watch the struggle between justice and oppression, between faith and government!

This is a good family film, although you may have to explain certain things to the little ones from time to time.

The music in this movie is incredible! Miklos Rozsa, one of my favorite all-time composers, did one heck of a job with this score! Performing before you (below) is the 2009 University Of Hawaii Summer Concert Band. It is comprised of students around the state with gifted talent in the music industry. This is the theme for the movie King of Kings.

Here is the trailer...


nanc said...

love those old movies - fyi - just watched THE GREAT RAID this weekend - very informative and we stayed with it from beginning to end.

RaDena said...

Thanks, Edge. I shall rent it right away. I think that's one that I missed!