Sunday, July 6, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War (Universal 2007)

Now I know what you're thinking.

Hanks? Roberts? Conservative movie? HA! Right Edge, keep on typing.

Or you might be thinking,

Wasn't Charlie Wilson a Democrat? I mean a REAL liberal Democrat?

Yep, he sure was...unless he was dealing with Afghans and Soviets...then for some reason he turned into George W. Bush (well...sort of). Below is the movie review from IMDb.

"Good-Time Charlie" Wilson, a flawed and fun-loving Congressman from the piney woods of East Texas, deftly operates the levers of power to funnel money and weapons to the Mujahedin of Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion of their country in late 1979. Charlie finds assistance in the oddest of places -- a renegade CIA agent whose outsider status and womanizing ways endears him to Wilson; a Houston socialite who leads Wilson to the cause; the willing Pakistani dictator fascinated by the socialite; the Israelis who modify and manufacture Soviet weapons to maintain the wink-and-nudge illusion of American neutrality; and the women -- ooh the women!

Can you picture an Obama or a Clinton taking these kind of risks? Heck, I can't think of many Republicans today that would! Think what the world would be like if Wilson didn't act. What if he just said it's not important, or the ever popular there's no way we can win this fight? But he did and that is why Charlie Wilson's War is Edge's Conservative Movie of the Week!

Here is the trailer!

Wilson's a different guy.


WomanHonorThyself said...

ty for the suggestions Edge..u da bomb!..HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY TO YOU AND YOURS !!... :)

EDGE said...

Hey Angel,

Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend! Back to work tomorrow though.....GRRR.

Papa Frank said...

We just rented this on Thursday. It was a good film but a little bit sad as well as I know that we are STILL fighting many of those weapons ourselves in the region. It should be taken as a cautionary tale of why we can't afford to just cut and run out of Iraq as Nobama would like. It's easy to point out someone to hate and to fight against to a people group but it is far more difficult and takes more time to point out an idea and a reason to love something like freedom and democracy.

nanc said...

o.t. - edge - you have GOT to see this movie!

Gayle said...

I saw this one Edge. It's a real treat, and you're right. To bad we don't have more like him!

Hope you had a great Independence Day. :)

Gayle said...

Nanc's comment is in regard to "The World's Fastest Indian." I saw that one too and it's also great!

EDGE said...

Papa Frank,

The end of the movie when Wilson was trying to get funds to rebuild schools and hospitals in Afghanistan was sad too. We, the US, really opened the door wide for the Taliban to take over. When I saw that I automatically thought about Iraq and what our guys are doing over there now...basically rebuilding schools, hospitals, etc. At least we have a President right now, though I have disagreed with him on many things, that knows we have to have 100% success in Iraq or be forced to face an enemy in the future. Thanks for the comments!


I have seen that and it was really good!!! I'll keep that one in mind!

EDGE said...

Hey Gayle,

I had a pretty good one and I hope you did too! Glad you enjoyed this movie! Just about everybody I talked to has seen it...of course I just saw it last week through Netflix!

The World's Fastest Indian is a good one too!!! I will keep in mind for future posts!

Borepatch said...

Good film. #2 Son in particular loved seeing Commie Bastard choppers shot to pieces.

Edge, it shouldn't be a surprise that Charlie Wilson was a democrat - it was a long time ago. Heck, back in the day *I* was a democrat, when you could still be one and love your country at the same time (1970s).

I got better. ;-)

EDGE said...


Yah, I'd say so! No doubt the dems have moved to the fringe left since the 70's. I'm afraid the Republicans are on their way there too say in the next 10 years?

Thanks for your visit!

Nikki said...

OK if you say so....I may rent it. I just remember the commercials driving me was Julia Roberts saying "aaaahhh Chaaalee". I decided her accent may ruin it if that was a sampling of it. I'll trust you...:)N

EDGE said...

Hi Nikki,

My Uncle went to see it in the theater and he told me it was pretty good. I was putting it off to see it b/c of Hank's and Robert's politics and I didn't know much about Wilson's politics either.

They make a few cracks about conservatives in the movie, very few though. Just enough to make Hollyweird smile and make conservatives shrug. But the over all story of what Wilson is trying to accomplish in the movie is far from liberal IMO!

Anonymous said...

It's on my list now, Edge!
Can't wait.

Hey, have you seen The Kite Runner?
I think you may like it.

EDGE said...


No I never heard of that one. What's it about?

kevin said...

Charlie Wilson is already on my queue, but it's nice read good things about it.

I also agree that World's Fastest Indian is a great movie. A classic rags to riches story.

EDGE said...


Yah you'll like it. I have to remember the World's Fastest Indian!

Anonymous said...

Edge, I read the book first, and it was great. It's about a boy and his friend growing up in Afghanistan in the 70's, pre-Russian invasion. Then, through the Taliban rule. It's a beautiful story, definitely from an Islamic vantage point, but beautiful, nonetheless. Not at all sympathetic toward the Taliban!!
I'd call it a conservative flick.
Very pro-USA.

EDGE said...


Awesome I will have to check that one out! Hopefully Netflix will have it!