Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Columbia 1939)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington now replaces Dumbo as the oldest conservative film to be reviewed on ECM! If you folks have never seen Mr. Smith, you're missing a great film about a man standing up to a corrupt government and a twisted media.

Whew! Glad things like this don't happen anymore, right?

Sound like a movie up your alley? You better believe it!

Here are some interesting facts about this movie when it was released in 1939...

It was bitterly denounced by Washington insiders angry at its allegations of corruption, yet banned by fascist states in Europe who were afraid it showed that democracy works.

The Washington press corps were highly indignant at the way they were portrayed in the film. Consequently a great deal of the initial reviews from the capitol were very negative. One of their chief objections was that the film made them all out to be drinking too much.

One of the real senators from Montana walked out of the screening he attended in disgust.

In 1942, when a ban on American films was imposed in German-occupied France, the title theaters chose Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) for their last movie before the ban went into effect. One Paris theater reportedly screened the film nonstop for thirty days prior to the ban.

The film was banned in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Soviet Russia and Falangist Spain. According to Frank Capra, the film was also dubbed in certain European countries to alter the message of the film so it conformed with official ideology.

I am proud to say that Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the Edge Conservative Movie of the Week!

Here is the trailer...and... is the COMPLETE MOVIE below! Watch it now!


Nikki said...

This is one of my father in laws favorite movies...I will have to send him your way. As for the mag cover...idiots. :)N

Mantha said...

this movie is awesome. i watched it a few years ago, along with other jimmy stewart classics (harvey, the shop around the corner)

after watching, i wondered why congressmen didn't use the filibuster option more often to try to pass the bills that they were passionate about.

excellent movie edge, and wonderful post!

Always On Watch said...

I don't have time right now to watch the movie in full. But I've seen it many times! I love it!

It was one of my mother's favorite films, and she was ever singing its praises. I first saw the film at a young age. Even then, it had an influence on me -- a general disgust for insider Washington, a disgust I still have today.

Those are great facts to know about the film, Edge. Obviously, the film touched some sensitive nerves.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't seen this one. I love Jimmy Stewart!

That magazine cover makes me ill. I shouldn't be surprised.

Have a great week, Edge.

kevin said...

This one, along with It's a Wonderful Life, are two of Stewart's classics.

Brooke said...

EXCELLENT film, Edge.

Let's hope Palin is Mrs. Smith.

Z said...

I think Brooke's right .. Palin just might BE Mrs. Smith.

Great film...great energy, tension/thanks for the little known facts..very interesting and SO not surprising.

Jennifer said...

Here's an idea for the sequel:
"Edge Goes to Washington" (2008)

Papa Frank said...

I haven't seen this one either Edge. I'm gonna have to join netflix to keep up with your blog.

Borepatch said...

Hey Edge, TCM just ran "The Big Country" with Gregory Peck. Great, great film, right up your alley. Burl Ives won an Oscar for his part.