Friday, August 8, 2008

ECU Man at the Beijing Olympics!!!

The Pirate Nation turns its lonely eyes to its hero, LaShawn Merrit! Go Man! Bring home that GOLD! Bring it home to the greatest country on God's fantastic Earth...

...and let every man know, show the entire world what an East Carolina Man is all about!

Merrit in the 400m...DAYYYMMMNN!

I am so proud that my Alma Mater is not only being represented, but being represented by a class act like LaShawn Merrit!!! Pull for him!!! Wear some purple and gold for good luck the next few weeks so you can say "Hey, I know a guy that went to the same school as LaShawn Merrit!!!

Get into the Olympic spirit! I know the China thing has got everybody bogged down, but you need to remember! These young folks of ours have worked so hard to represent all of us!

Here's John Williams, famous composer of Star Wars and Indiana Jones with his Olympic Theme at the 1984 Olympics (also available on Edge' Movie Music!)!

Hard to imagine I was 9 years-old when this was taking


Jennifer said...


Go Merritt, win that Gold!

According to Bonesville magazine, this athlete has strong morals and really respects his mother. LaShawn also runs in memory of his older brother, who was killed by being pushed out of a high window.

LaShawn signed a $2 million endorsement contract with Nike. He will be an awesome ambassador at the Olympics.


EDGE said...

Purple! Gold! Hope he can bring home the hardware Jennifer!

Z said...

We know we can count on you to let us know the results!! Sometimes we don't all catch every race,etc... we're depending on you..

and we'll be cheering this guy on!! GO PURPLE AND GOLD!!! AND RED/WHITE/BLUE!!

thanks, edge..what a great story!

Brooke said...

Run, Merritt, RUN!

EDGE said...


Thanks for the post! Hope he can pull it out!


"I just kept running, and running..."

Papa Frank said...

I'll keep my eye out for him!

EDGE said...

Thanks Papa Frank!!!!

Nikki said...

woohoo edge! I love track and field...its the event I really jump up off the couch and cheer. Gymnastics is soooo overrated but I like it as long as nobody breaks gives me anxiety to watch the gymnasts on the balance beam. here comes some TV viewing for the anti tv girl! can't wait...:)N

EDGE said...


Yah, it should be fun to watch! Kinda wondering how many mega tons of TNT did the Chinese have stashed in the Olympic stadium during the opeing ceremony. While watching it I thought at least twice the stadium caught on fire!